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Use the contact facility at the bottom of the page.


We will need the following information:


How many comics or graphic novels do you have to sell?


What era are they from?


Who published them (e.g. Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, etc) ?


Are you hoping for a specific price for them?


Where are your comics located?


What condition are they in?




Most people overestimate the worth of their comic books. Often it is because they have not taken CONDITION into account. In other words, if your comics do not look BRAND NEW, they are probably worth a lot less than you think. 


It also is important to remember that the standard price for bulk modern age collections in both the US or the UK tends to be between 5 to 30 pence per comic.

We will pay more for silver and bronze age comics based on their title and condition. If you can provide us with a full list of what you have we will be in a good position to evaluate.


Knowing Flame Comics have been buying and selling back issue comics and graphic novels for a number of years with, at the time of writing, a 100% feedback score on Ebay.

We mostly specialise in Silver and Bronze Age Marvel & DC comics. However, we are also interested in buying graphic novels and will consider most large collections.

When selling your collection you may find that some dealers will only want to cherry pick the best titles and leave you stuck with the comics that are hard to sell. We will buy your whole collection from you in one go to spare you the nightmare of trying to sell your comics individually. We are not just buying your comics, we are also buying your time and saving you a huge amount of effort.

We are always available for a friendly chat and can also offer you excellent rates should you wish to sell your comics on consignment. We have had great results for customers who have sold their high grade key issues through us at Ebay auction. In recent years we have seen many customers return time and again to sell their comics through us due to our efficient and friendly approach to comicbook dealing. 

 What Are We Buying?

Graphic Novels

Single Issues

Comic Collections

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